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Who What Where?

Sharp eyes will figure out “who done it” among the lineup of suspects on each colorfully illustrated page! (Ages 0-5)

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Who stepped in paint? Who forgot shoes? Who got stuck in the tree trunk? In this charming, visually sophisticated picture book, each page asks the reader a question about the lineup of characters featured on the spread. Kids will love the hunt for clues in the details of the lineup. There's only one right answer, and it's not always easy! Sharp eyes, keen observation, and a big imagination will find the right answers.

Olivier Tallec, author and illustrator of the Club favorite Who Done It?, has created another colorful and captivating book. The activity on every page makes an engaging lap or parent read, while the whimsical art, eye-catching format, and heavy board cover make the book appealing to all ages. (Ages 0-5)

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  • FS Why Picked: No
  • Bonus Content: No
  • Excerpt: No
  • Club Review Byline: No
  • Author: Olivier Tallec
  • Publisher: 1701061098 CHRONICLE BOOKS
  • Release date: Sep 6, 2016
  • ISBN: 9781452156934
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Commitment Credit: No
  • Book Search Plus: No
  • Warnings: No
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