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Too Many Carrots

Rabbit’s carrots are crowding him out of his burrow. When his friends try to help, hilarious trouble ensues! (Ages 0-5)

by Katy Hudson   
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Rabbit just loves carrots—maybe a little too much. In fact, his copious carrot collection is crowding him out of his cozy burrow. There’s nowhere to sleep! When his adorable, caring friends - including a tortoise, a bird, a squirrel, and a beaver - offer to help, they're just asking for trouble—too much trouble! As they invite Rabbit to stay in their snug homes, he brings all of his carrots with him...with hilarious consequences.

This charming and lovingly illustrated picture book, which Publishers Weekly calls “simultaneously sassy and sweet,” shows how friends help get us over the rough spots in life, even if the going gets a little bumpy! It also showcases the value of friendship over material items. (Ages 0-5)
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  • Author: Katy Hudson
  • Publisher: 1701066688 CAPSTONE PUBLISHERS
  • Release date: Feb 1, 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-62370-638-8
  • Format: Hardcover
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