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This is Not a Picture Book

Actually, this is a picture book--and it’s a fanciful tribute to the power of all kinds of books. (Ages 0-5)

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One day, a little duckling out for a walk sees something red lying on the ground.

“A book!

A book with no pictures?!

What good is a book with no pictures?!

What’s that you say? Words can make fantastic pictures in your imagination?

Well, okay, I’ll give it a try.”

And the duckling discovers that he already knows some of the words. Some of the words make him laugh, some of the words make him sad...but all of them will stay with him forever.

Yes, this actually is a picture book, and a charming one at that, but its simple story will help the little ones get over their fear of reading and get excited about learning to read. Author and illustrator Sergio Ruzzier has crafted a fanciful tribute to the power of all kinds of books. (Ages 0-5)
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  • Release date: May 3, 2016
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