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101 Things for Kids To Do on a Rainy Day

This lighthearted book provides bright ideas to keep kids entertained when the sky darkens. Illustrations. (All ages)

by Dawn Isaac   
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It can be tough to pry boys and girls away from the screen when the clouds roll in. This idea-packed book will change that. Dawn Isaac presents 101 activities for indoor fun—lasting from 10 minutes to a full day—all tested and approved by kids.

You’ll find one-on-one games, party games, quiet projects, raucous treasure hunts, science experiments, play acting, indoor gardening, and more. From making ice cream in a plastic bag to playing hands-free ping pong, from building a shoebox house to having an indoor “snowball” fight (using crumpled paper), from making a heart garland to catapulting marshmallows, it’s all described in lighthearted-yet-clear instructions, amusing illustrations and photos. So banish the rainy-day blues! (All ages)
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  • Author: Dawn Isaac
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  • Release date: Sep 7, 2016
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